Organic Farming Tips for Beginners

Organic farming means that you plant your plants naturally without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, by not using them you will be more prone to pests and the plants that you are growing may not get proper nutrition because you do not use chemical fertilizers.

Don't worry because you can still get the maximum harvest without using the chemicals and you will improve the quality of your farm if you succeed in doing natural farming properly.

Many business entrepreneurs like Brent Boman suggest you the first thing to do is learn the right composting because the compost will become your organic fertilizer that can provide a boost of nutrients to your plants and make your soil healthier. To prepare compost, you need biodegradable ingredients, such as leftover food, dried leaves, straws and manure (herbivorous manure is more suitable).

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These ingredients will be mixed in your compost bin and let it stay there for a month. Once ready, you can immediately apply it to your plants and see some good results.

What you need to remember next is to practice companion planting, helping to keep your main plants healthy while keeping pests from being held back. Just search on some organic vegetable gardening blogs for some information because that is a detailed length.

Another trick to avoiding pests is to practice the use of mulch; using plastic mulch will certainly keep damaging insects and also save soil moisture so you don't need to water them often.