How to Use Liquid Nicotine

While buying E-liquid you need to take care of mainly two things – PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). An e-liquid could have either a PG rich base or VG rich base.

The pg-rich base is normally utilized in most of the E-liquids. However, some consumers could be allergic to PG base. In that case, they could choose VG rich base. VG normally gets manufactured from vegetable oil and it produces high-density smoke. VG also offers a little bit of sweetness in taste.

You could select the ratio of PG and VG based on your requirement for ultimate satisfaction. If you want to know more about e-liquids, you can also navigate this source: The Geelong Vape Co..

Determine Nicotine strength in Eliquid?

Heavy smokers who would like to quit traditional cigarettes, they could choose between 24-30mg Nicotine strength. Mild smokers could select nicotine amount anywhere between 12-18mg. Light smokers could choose Liquid Nicotine strength between 3-6 mg.

How to put liquid nicotine in vape device?

Once you got your e-liquid bottle, you are ready to taste it out. First, shake the e-liquid bottle since the VG or vegetable oil (one of the main base of liquid) is heavy oil and it needs to be mixed well with other elements.

Open the cap carefully and add around 20-25 drops in your atomizer. Make sure you do not overfill your tank. Also, the tank should not be connected with the battery as a precautionary step.

Keep aside the atomizer for a couple of minutes which will allow the e-liquid to set down and saturate. If you add a side panel to your tent it will give your display a direction.