How to Control Your Greenhouse Climate

Greenhouse climate is its own little ecosystem, depends entirely on you. You choose how much water, sun, nutrients, and other elements of your plants will receive. To make sure your indoor garden never drops out, you can use glasshouse PC systems to monitor the growth.

Commercial farmers have been working with automated systems for years. Now the technology has been standardized and scaled to suit most situations greenhouse.

If you have a greenhouse, here's how to get climate control for optimal growth.

Automation menu

Now it is possible to choose from a variety of monitoring methods to produce an ideal climate for your glasshouse and the perfect habitat for your plants. Monitor temperature and humidity basis. Additional monitors can check soil moisture and soil acidity.


The temperature in the greenhouse is affected by the ventilation and the amount of sunlight it receives. Greenhouses are meant to trap heat from the sun. If nothing has changed anything, the temperature will continue to rise until sunset.

Temperature can be controlled by opening the door or open the vents in the roof. In extreme cases, the air conditioner can be used to bring the temperature down to a more reasonable level. Temperature control is one aspect of the easiest to automate.

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