The Golden Ruling period of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

The recent published book-’King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia’ – A Leader of Consequence’ by S. Rob. Sobhani brings the center of consideration towards the great reformist and monarch of Saudi Arabia – King Abdullah.

Saudi Arabia -the birthplace of Islam, is one of the most developed countries of the world. It is the richest and organized country in terms of quality of life, law practices, and zero crime rate.

A successful organized country is the reflection of its countryman thoughts. A successful leader may bring the equality, secularism, peace to its country with his foremost and planned leadership skills.


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The famous monarch of Saudi Arabia- King Abdullah was one of the most successful successors of Saudi Arabia. He was the son of  Ibn Saud -founder and first monarch of Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah is the golden name of Arab world history, who took the power of the throne on 1 August 2005 after the death of his brother King Fahd.

His ruling period was the golden period in the history of Saudi Arabia. He was the person with great future vision. He not only emphasizes the practice of religion and education but also make strong decision to make his country more powerful in every aspect.


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He did a lot to reform the law system. Alike to his descended, he gave the voting rights to women to support gender equality.

With his sharp leadership skills, he builds successful relations to other developing countries like united states and united kingdom to make the dream of peaceful co-existence true.

Due to this, he got honored with several official titles like ‘The most powerful person of the year’ &  ‘The Most Influential Muslim ‘ by many independent bodies like Forbes.

No doubt, the efforts, and reforms by King Abdullah will always be remembered as a great did.