How You Can Identify Quality Of Cannabis Buds?

Cannabis is widely used due to its various medicinal properties which helps patients in health conditions like a migraine, cancer, AIDS etc. Some opt to grow the weed plant on their own and some opt to buy marijuana plants.

Like every other plant, it is vital in this case too that you keep in mind some basic tips while buying the plant. Following mentioned are some of the important factors which should be kept in mind while buying the plant:

  • Low-quality bud, most commonly referred to as shwag is something to stay away from. If the flower is lighter than usual, that is a sign of poor quality. Buds should be fat and dense.
  • Potency does not equal quality. Always choose between indicas, sativas, and hybrids, research these variations well and look for the best clones in LA.
  • It is essential to examine the color of the bud. This is probably one of the most key factors because the greenness will signify the healthiness of the plant. Not only will it show how well-treated the plant was, it will also show you if the curing and drying process was well conducted.

  • Also, you need to carefully evaluate the smell of the plant as bad weed usually smells very earthy and farm-like. There are certain strains that have a very earthy smell, but it’s a weed-earthy aroma, not a soil-earth stink. Different strains have different smells, but they all have that sweet hint of familiarity.
  • Good-quality cannabis will be super sticky. It should coat your grinder with a delicious, yet annoying, layer of resin. This happens because of the gooey trichomes, not humidity. Although sticky, your nugs should be crisp and crunchy too. The grinding experience should be pleasant, not an arm exercise.

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