Which Businesses Make Use Of Direct Debit Solution?

The Direct Debit solution allows a small level company to withdraw the payment from the bank account but this possible only if the client has filled the direct debit form. This form states that customer is authorized to take payment from their bank accounts.

This is the easiest method to take payment from the client without any delays. In case you own a company and are looking for a particular payment solution then you can simply subscribe to the payment collection system.


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If you have a Direct Debit solution then you don’t need to worry about payment collection. Through Direct Debit solution, you can also check about the transaction record like transaction made in 30 days. Only 6 days are required in order to get payment from the customer end.

There are different businesses that are taking benefits of the direct debit solution. Given below is a list of businesses:

Health and fitness companies

These days there are various fitness and health centers. The owners of these businesses find it hectic to collect payment from their customers. Due to this many companies have started using Xero direct debit payment solution. This payment method allows owners to take the specific amount of money from a customer on a regular base.

Legal and law companies

The direct debit solution provides the merchants of law firms to collect a significant amount of money from their client recurrently.  Taking payment through a credit card can be costly and time-consuming.


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Childcare facilities

To have a child care center is a tedious task. You even need to maintain a record of parents who are not paying fees on regular bases. Through direct debit solution a particular amount with a move to your account every month.

Property Management Companies

Property rents usually keep on changing and you need to pay these rents to your owners and landlord on a timely basis.  That’s why in order to maintain financial stability they are making use of the direct debit solution.