Brief Description On Popular Japanese Whiskies

“Japan’s Whiskies are the darlings of the spirits world, as stated by Kara Newman”, the famous Whisky taster.

Japanese Whiskies are prepared through traditional method, till date. Japanese believe that culture should move with present era. Old traditions must not be left behind to opt or make new traditions.

Keeping this thought in mind, Japanese Whisky makers have taken a Scottish blueprint and very consciously tweaked it to suit a Japanese palate.

It just happens that those nips have resulted in a range of Whiskies that plea correspondingly to Western palates as well.

Japanese Whisky flavors are already considered as some of the most sought-after liquid on the planet today.

Japanese Wine

You do not believe us, visit Ippin Japan Mall. You’ll find one of the best Whiskies available in Japan. You can even browse their official website to find details about different flavors of whiskies available here. 

Here is the official web link you can visit to buy Japanese whisky:

Today, Whisky consumers in the U.S. and elsewhere have encompassed a wide range of world Whiskies and traders have gratified by bringing more of Japan’s bottling to the Western world.

Now, we will tell you about some of the amazing Whiskies that have always lured Japanese and now gradually becoming every Whisky lover’s first choice.

Few examples,

A) Yamazaki – 18 Years Old Whisky:

Yamazaki 18 years old Whisky is a compound single malt Whisky that has a dark honey hue and a bold aroma of vanilla & juicy red apple.

• While preparing this Whisky, to offer more gentle aroma of smoke, dry oak, leather and tea is given (This smoke acts like a preservative ), finishing with a smoky exhale emphasized by orange peel and espresso.


B) Hakushu – Single Malt whiskey Aged for 18 Years

• Hakushu whiskey is a honey-hued single malt whiskey, it has soft and perfectly balanced vanilla-caramel sweetness flavor along with peat smoke on the nose and palate.

• You can even go through this post to get deeper into the Japanese relation with wines and whiskeys.

• Small tip: While trying any Japanese whiskey, do add a splash of branch water to offset alcohol heat.