The Best Men’s Haircut For Every Face Shape

A man goes to a barber shop and says “I want a haircut.” It will be the responsibility of the hair stylist to cut their hair according to the face type and hair texture. What if your barber is an intern and doesn’t know the depth of haircutting? Your hair will be screwed and you will regret why we are not researching about the haircutting.

Men's Haircut

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To avoid this scenario you should take account your face shape for a brand new hairstyle. You should know what is the shape of your face really is. If you successfully determine it half of your job is over.  Now your task is to choose which hairstyle Birmingham MI stylist recommended you to be best suited according to your face type.

Face shapes are generally oblong, oval, diamond, round, square and triangle.

Haircut for Oblong Faces

Short hair is the best for an oblong or rectangular face. Be careful with a beard as it makes your face even bigger.

Oval Faces Haircut

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Haircut for Oval Faces

You are lucky if you have an oval face cut because almost every hairstyle will look good with this face shape. It is recommended to avoid bangs or fringes that could cover your forehead and make your head appear even rounder than it is.

Haircut for Diamond Faces

Textured crop or beard with a fringed haircut is suitable with diamond face shape. Next time try these hairstyles in hairstyle salon in Birmingham if you have diamond face cut.

Haircut for Round Faces

Round faces could use some definition to make them appear longer. For them, they should consider a cut i.e. shorter on the sides and longer on the top gives them a balance for their shapes.

Square faces haircut

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Haircut for Square Faces

Square faces depicted the masculine look. They are similar to round faces but their face is taller on the top. Crew cut, high fade with a quiff and textured comb-over are best suited to them. They have the option to of going for really short hair that helps to balance with naturally round head.

Haircut for Tringle Faces

Triangular faces have wider and prominent jaws i.e. wider than their cheekbones. They are better off clean-shaven and with medium length hair. Crew cut, Com over, textured quiff and mid fade with angular fringe are the haircut options for triangle face shape men.

Now you have found the cut that perfectly frames your face, your next step is to decide which hair product you should be using. Check out here to know popular hair products that will smoothen and conditioned your hair irrespective of what kind of hair you have. Read this post to get the shiny, smooth hair.