Bathroom Remodeling with Granite and marble

Bathrooms are one such place in your home which is prone to high humidity and excessive moisture. The humidity levels are so high that even the best quality materials used for a bathroom remodel will not yield the best results in the long run. A prime example of a poor application would be the installation of a laminate countertop.  

Instead of these laminate countertops, you can consult natural stone agencies like New York marble who can provide you with the best solutions for remodeling your bathroom. Changing your laminate countertops with granite countertops is one of the best solutions. The very first disadvantage of laminate countertops is that they are layered.  After few years laminate countertops can peel apart due to the humidity and moisture attained in them.

As the humidity levels and temperature rise and fall through the cycle of bathing and showering, laminated wood constantly expand and contract. These frequent changes increase the chances of separation of the laminate from the compress board subsurface to which it is glued.

Remodeling a bathroom is the perfect idea to replace the existing laminate countertops with much more durable and beautiful natural materials such as granite. Granite countertops in Long Island have been marked as one of the favorite materials for many homeowners and custom builders.

These natural stone countertops and even flooring can create a warm and serene atmosphere in your home and also add luxury to your bathroom. Very few other building materials are as versatile or as widely desired as granite. When these countertops are installed by the expertly skilled craftsmen and machinists, the range of application and shapes of these materials become almost limitless.

The stone fabricators have the benefits of machines to create beauty with these stones. All of this potential beauty does not come cheap though. There is an increased cost for increased quality and material.  Even though stone fabricators have additional hardware to assist them, it is still a very difficult and costly medium.

In spite of the raised costs, these granite countertops are one time investment to your bathroom or kitchen as they are durable and have a long life span. You can visit this site to know the pros and cons of these natural stones for your bathroom remodel.