3 Key Categories Of Residential Solar Systems Installed In Washington DC

One of the most vital facets required for the development of mankind is energy. The conventional sources of energy are coal, petroleum, etc. and these sources are going to get finished soon. However, the rate of demand for energy is continuously increasing with no chance of a reduction in the demand and requirement.

This is the reason it has become so important to utilize alternative energy sources. As a result, the use of solar energy by installing solar panels provided by solar system companies has increased and quite popular. This is an eco-friendly form of energy and helps in reducing the electricity bill.

Moreover, you can choose the financing option according to your own requirements and budget. The 3 main options are solar PPA, lease, and purchase. By buying the solar panels and installing them at home you can also receive subsidies from the government.

Listed below are the types of residential solar systems:

  • Grid-tied residential solar power systems with batteries – This type of solar system is not common and also, quite expensive to install. The benefits of installing this system are

    – Provides reliable power with both battery and the grid
    – Eligible for solar power financial incentives
    – Usable during the power cut
  • Grid-tied residential solar power systems without batteries – These are the common types of solar power system used in homes today. As solar energy installation cost is moderately low and is easy to install. The benefits of installing this system are

    – Qualified for financial incentives including net metering
    – Utility grid can be used as a backup when solar power is not sufficient

  • Off-grid residential solar power systems – It can be seen in deep rural areas where there is no service with the utilities. You may also check this great post to read about the green benefits of installing solar panels. Besides that, the benefits of installing this system are

    – Complete energy independence
    – Careful plan can lead to full power the home
    – Energy necessities won’t get impacted with power outages